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Vlog explaining your company is the same thing as a speed date

12 november 2018

Check out this new update about my progression as an entrepreneur and why presenting your company is very similar to being on a speed date.

Hey guys, this is Gijs Habraken from Make it Simple and today I’m back at my home because it’s Monday and the weather sucks outside. See it’s all wet and stuff I I think I’m gonna take some time off today. But I was thinking about doing the video because yeah that’s there’s some small updates for everybody that has a one-man company that just started. It’s always very hard at the end of the year for some reason. I don’t know why that is but it seems almost like our budgets are on hold and, well this is a perfect time for self-improving you know thinking about your next move with your business and yeah well so like I said in the last video I did a translation of my website. It’s not perfect English they’re working on it but as you can see when you visit the website it’s also available in English right now. So that’s super I’m really happy with it I hope for the English people that see this they finally know what I do and if you have some feedback just let me know because that always helps. What else do I got? Well oh yeah I always marketed myself as a animation company like a motion design company but I want to go with the idea of explaining companies because that’s way more important for me and that’s what I’m Way better at. Because there are plenty of very good motion designers all around, but it’s you know. Explaining a company with a good script with a good storyboard and stuff, well that’s more sort of my expertise. So that’s why I’m switching to calling myself an explaining company because yeah you know that’s what I do and I do that by animating it of course. Well so with that idea if you go to the about Us page on my website you can also see I compare potential customers to a first date because you know it is like a first date because if you if you sit at a table with with a potential customer you start talking about all the stuff you do and how great you are, you know you’re gonna lose that potential customer. If you tell this person a nice story then the chance is much bigger that they’re gonna stick and listen to you, you know. And that’s what you want. You want people to listen to your ideas or your innovations so, first dates it is. Compare it to a first date and see how good your idea actually sells when you tell it in a story. Okay, well that’s it for today. Thank you again for tuning in and this was Gijs Habraken from Make it Simple. Have a nice day.

Gijs Habraken

Oprichter van Make it Simple; Gespecialiseerd in storytelling en het ontwikkelen van kwalitatieve visuele content zoals uitleganimaties, iconen en infographics.

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