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The explaining company Make it Simple

The further we move into the future, the harder it seems it is to reach your audience. Every second of the day, there are websites, social media channels and blogs fighting for our attention. Yet by sharing so much information with our audience, we are actually numbing them. The solution to this problem is a proper introduction.

Think of it as a first date

Imagine you're on a speed date with one of your potential clients. Would you rather spend sixty seconds blabbing about your qualities or come up with a great story that makes them want to go on a second date?
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The power of a good story

Our videos help companies have thousands of good ‘first dates’ by introducing them with a story that makes their audience want to discover more. Increase your reach and break the ice with a compelling story.

The team

Gijs Habraken
Concepting, scriptwriting and motion design

Bert Bogaerts
Concepting, storyboard and illustration

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