Our videos tell your story simply

  • Highly shareable

    On webpages, social media and in pitches
  • Easy to understand

    As short as possible, tailor made for target group.

  • Not boring

    Fresh styling and motion and audio design

  • Full service

    We've got you covered from idea to distribution.

Explainer animation

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Explainer animations by Make it Simple

In today's world it can be hard to connect people to your idea, especially when your idea needs to be explained. Just text isn’t going to cut it, since it needs to be read and processed before it can be understood. Explainer animations by Make it Simple are the best way to tell and sell your story, simply and easily.

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Collaboration in six steps

Our explainer animations are produced in six clear steps.

1) Intake

We start off with a solid chat, just to clarify the outlines of the project and make sure we understand each other.

2. Script writing

Based on our first meeting and some additional information, we'll put together a script, tailored to the right goals/target groups.

3. Storyboarding

We'll create a storyboard, so you can see which rough images we timed on the script.

het storyboard proces

4. Voice-over

We'll look for a suitable voice-actor or actress based on your preferences and provide our professional recommendation.

5. Illustration

Based on your input and branding guidelines, we'll produce a tailor-made illustration style that we can later apply to the to the animation.

het illustratie proces

6. Motion design

Now that we have all components we need, we can finally produce your very own explainer animation. Once the first draft is done, we'll evaluate it together.

het animatie proces