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06 december 2019

Razor-Sharp Animations That Improve Your Website’s Performance

As of now, Make it Simple can provide your company with customized SVG animations and illustrations. SVG stands for “Scalable Vector Graphics”. As one of the first corporate animation companies, Make it Simple creates SVG animations that convey the your company’s message in a simple, yet effective, way. So how does crafting SVG help us improve your business’ animations? Read all about it below. We animated the following logo in SVG.

The Many Benefits of SVG for Your Company

Razor-Sharp Animations

Considering the dominance of instantaneous visual communication these days, it is no surprise that SVGs are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike JPEG and PNG, SVGs are not based on pixels, but on codes (HTML and CSS), which allows SVGs to be adjusted to any screen size without losing quality. By utilizing these scalable vector images, Make it Simple ensures that your animations are always razor-sharp.


Faster Website Loading Times

SVG are only a few KBs because the files are built from codes, they. In other words, SVGs are many times smaller than other image and video formats. This is great news for your hard drive, but more importantly, for your website visitors; SVGs take up less space and thus guarantee an optimal loading time.


Fit to Every Browser

Last but not least, SVG works in all browsers, and the SVG files can be modified with programming languages ​​such as JavaScript and CSS. This may sound like website hocus pocus, but believe us, this has great advantages for both the developers and users of your website.


SVG Animations by Make it Simple: Simply the Right Choice

With all these benefits, it was a no-brainer for Make it Simple to choose to be one of the first animation companies offering SVG animations. Moreover, they are produced with the quality you have come to expect from us: simple and effective. With our help, your company does not need to use libraries and extra codes to use the SVGs, just apply the code that we send you.

Our small team of specialists in online icons, logos, animations and illustrations are excited to take on the challenge. Together we will translate your company’s vision into crystal clear animation – now even more sharp, fast and accessible to a wider audience.

Gijs Habraken

Oprichter van Make it Simple; Gespecialiseerd in storytelling en het ontwikkelen van kwalitatieve visuele content zoals uitleganimaties, iconen en infographics.

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