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16 januari 2020

Icons – A Universal Language

Every day you come across dozens if not hundreds of icons, pictograms and illustrations. From the traffic sign on the way to work to the WiFi icon on your screen, icons overcome cultures, generations and language barriers. They are universally recognizable and help people navigate the world, both online and offline. By customizing your icons, Make it Simple can take your business to the next level. How? Find out more below.


Build a Recognizable Brand Identity

Whether you have global ambitions or focusing on the local market, the key to your business’ success is building a unique, recognizable brand, with which (potential) customers can identify themselves. It is tempting to make use of the countless free or cheap icon sets available with just a quick Google search. The internet is overflowing with sites filled with impersonal images and icons. For small businesses and startups this may be a great solution; but mature companies do not build a solid and unique brand with stale and overused stock images.

Put Your Company on the Map with Icon Sets from Make it Simple

How do you make sure your company stands out in the busy online marketplace? And how do you guide customers to choose your brand, and return to your homepage time and time again? Our small team of specialists in online icons, logos, animations and illustrations are happy to take on the challenge. Together we will create a powerful, effective icon set that is perfectly aligned with your brand identity. In the process, we take a good website and make it exceptional.

Animated Icons and Illustrations

If you want to take it one step further – Make it Simple also offers customized, animated icons and illustrations in SVG or GIF formats. These icons will help you attract visitors’ attention through increasing the visual attractiveness of your communications and give users more clarity while navigating your website.
Together we translate your brand into an icon set that seamlessly matches your goals in order to so acquainted more customers with your product.

Gijs Habraken

Oprichter van Make it Simple; Gespecialiseerd in storytelling en het ontwikkelen van kwalitatieve visuele content zoals uitleganimaties, iconen en infographics.

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